Three Reasons You Should Have Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is there to protect you in the event that something happens to you, your personal belongings, or even your apartment dwelling whether it’s your fault, or not. Have you ever thought about what would happen if your car was broken into while parked within your apartment community? What about if there was a fire on the property and you lost everything? Who would pay for your personal belongings in the event something such as this happens to you? The answer is that you would be responsible for replenishing all of your own personal belongings if you do not carry a renters insurance policy. We will present three scenarios that renters insurance would be helpful.First, before you even begin your apartment search, you should get your renters policy because most communities nowadays are requiring you have a policy prior to moving into their community. You may be limited to a small selection of apartments for rent if you do not carry a policy, therefore having a renters policy will be crucial during your apartment search and in finding a great place to live.Second, once you’ve moved in, let’s say there is a fire that breaks out on your property and you lose everything you own. Laptops, books, food, clothing, furniture, and all other personal items are destroyed. In many cases this could amount to a large sum of money, in the whereabouts of $20,000 or even more in lots of cases. Do you have $20,000 on hand in the event something such as this happens to you? If not, then renters insurance is a smart choice, especially considering most policies are probably only around $15 per month. In many cases, if you bundle your renters policy with your auto insurance policy, you’ll even save more money.Third, what if your car is broken into, or stolen? Most renters insurance policies cover you in the event anything happens to you, or your personal belongings, while yourself or your belongings are at the apartment community. So, if your car is vandalized, stolen, or anything pertaining to this, you would be covered on your renters insurance policy. In many cases, you may be responsible for only a small deductible of $500 or less to recoup your losses.We hope we’ve convinced you that maintaining an active renters policy is important, and we hope that you never have anything devastating happen you to, or your belongings. But, if something does, you know you’re covered.

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